Matthew Grande & Bryant Riley: Shift Capital / Jumpstart Kensington

Matthew Grande and Bryant Riley are from Shift Capital a real estate development firm having a social impact in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood. Matthew is a Principal and Head of Impact and Bryant is a real estate analyst at Shift Capital. They are also in charge of Jumpstart Kensington, an affiliate of the Jumpstart Germantown program.

Shift Capital has what it calls "an inclusive and concentrated development model, which seeks to minimize the negative impacts of gentrification, such as displacement, while positively impacting communities suffering from inter-generational poverty. Our model fills a critical equity gap in the real estate marketplace while addressing one of the defining issues of our society: Will we rebuild our cities to be beacons of inclusiveness or exclusiveness?"

In this interview, Matthew and Bryant talk about Shift Capital's "patient approach" to real estate development in Kensington and how they're using the Jumpstart Germantown model in their neighborhood to increase the long-term prosperity and quality of life for residents in their area.

Topics covered include (with approximate timestamps):

  • Kensington's history (3:55)

  • Shift Capital's mission (5:30)

  • Jumpstart Germantown and the launch of Jumpstart Kensington (8:50)

  • Bryant's Chicago memories (14:22)

  • Newbie investor mistakes (16:00)

  • Shift Capital's general investment criteria (18:05)

  • MaKen Studios (19:10)

  • The "G" Word (Gentrification) (20:50)

  • Bryant's dream real estate project (30:30)

  • Developing "Impact Appraisals" for investments in Opportunity Zones (32:38)