Robin Miller: Jumpstart North Philly West

Today’s guest is Robin Miller, an award-winning community development specialist who uses her extensive experience as a realtor and architectural lighting designer to contribute to the revitalization of Philly neighborhoods such as Frankford, North Philadelphia, and Center City. She’s also the leader of Jumpstart North Philly Westwhich she’s going to tell us more about today.

The Mission: To rejuvenate and revitalize the North Philly West neighborhood of Philadelphia–zip codes 19121, 19132, and parts of 19140–with high quality, affordable renovations of residential and commercial real estate.

Her Motto: Real estate development done by the community; Ownership is power.

Robin believes it is possible to “do well by doing good” which encompasses educating and promoting a neighborhood’s current residents, and partnering with like minded developers to rejuvenate neglected communities and support home ownership.