Tya Winn: Habitat for Humanity / Jumpstart West Philly

Today’s guest is Tya Winn, who is an advocate for affordable housing and community development here in Philadelphia. 

Tya is the Director of Project Planning for Habitat for Humanity in Philadelphia where she serves as project manager for acquisition, design, and permitting phases of their projects. She also works on affordable housing policies with local civic organizations.

Tya is interested in the urban fabric of inner city communities and finding ways to use design to uplift, restore and rebrand these communities. She previously worked at the Philadelphia Housing Authority and the Logan Community Development Corp, so her knowledge and experience working with community groups, real estate developers and nonprofits runs very deep. 

In addition to all of this, Tya is also one of the leaders of Jumpstart West Philly.

In this interview, Tya explains how Jumpstart West Philly was launched via a collaborative partnership between The Enterprise Center, People’s Emergency Center, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, the City of Philadelphia Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity, and other West Philadelphia supporting partners, with initial funding support from Philadelphia LISC. The launch of the program stemmed from initial conversations and collaboration through the West Philadelphia Promise Zone Housing Committee.